Featuring She’s Not A Morning Person zine

SHE’S NOT A MORNING PERSON  printfest2013-morning1

What draws you to print culture?

I started making zines when I was 17 years old after finding the zine community online. While my zines have changed dramatically since then, I have made so many amazing friends and found a community that I feel honored to be a part of. I’ve also always been into writing and crafting so zines can be a natural mix of the two which I really appreciate. I love how zines give a voice to so many marginalized people and can be powerful sources of information and activism.

Who or what are some motivations for your art?

Lately, motivations for my zines come from wanting to tell my story, even in snippets, in the public realm of zines. Does that make sense? There is a sort of distance with zines in terms of public disclosure but it’s also a way to touch people and be touched by each others stories and experiences.


How do you work?

I work in spurts. I usually make one zine a year or two. I will think about a zine idea for months before actually committing to sit down and write it. Or I will write for months and then compile a zine from some of that writing. I don’t do anything too quickly – I’m slow and steady! Of course, all of that can be thrown out the window if there’s a zine fest coming up. 😉

What do you most enjoy doing?

In terms of zines, the actual cutting & pasting is my favorite part. Like I mentioned, I really love making things with my hands and collaging so zines feel like a natural extension of that sometimes. Other than that, I love snuggling with my three cats or being outside.




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3 Responses to Featuring She’s Not A Morning Person zine

  1. Jen says:

    Thank you!! ❤ Can't wait until Saturday!

  2. Xenia says:

    YAY Jen! Love your zine and you – wish our events weren’t on the same darn day!

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